Building a comprehensive data company for the legal system

Provakil brings the latest in data sciences and management to build a data-driven enterprise that can address different legal industry and justice system use-cases through separate apps, beginning with its highly-rated case and practice management for lawyers.

The legal sector faces a data problem. The primary data - laws, regulations, cases, court data and forms - is scattered across different places and structured in different ways. This creates a huge problem when one is seeking to use this data in any structured manner. As a result our systems of law and justice do not function with the efficiency, transparency, accountability, and intelligence as they could.

Provakil uses data sciences and technology to address different use-cases through separate apps. Its founders have dealt with challenges in other sectors, notably health, where data needs to be dependably aggregated from different sources, reconciled, and then directed to specific user needs. While they are currently creating solutions focused on practicing lawyers, law firms, and legal departments, they have also executed projects to demonstrate how court data can be utilised to make courts more efficient.

Their significant innovation is in focusing on the data core itself, i.e., the processes and structures to source and manage data in such a way that it is highly usable in different situations. This is noticeably different from players who are focusing on specific solutions, but not building a underlying data architecture that is robust and versatile enough to create integrated solutions that address multiple needs.

In a world of specialists, Provakil understands that data is a specialisation by itself. Provakil can bring a data-driven culture to the legal industry and justice system. While cases have been accessible online for a while, e-court access is now available and listing data is more recently available, bringing the full gamut of data that enhances every aspect of access, practice, and adjudication. As Provakil expands they could:

  • Provide actionable intelligence for the courts to improve how they function

  • Create better legal research algorithms

  • Create tools to enable better litigation strategy

  • Enable law firms and lawyers to manage their practice effectively

Provakil is founded by Pulkit Anand, Akshat Anand, and Ashish Madeti. Pulkit and Ashish have a strong tech and data background and are graduates of I.I.T., Kharagpur while Akshat is a lawyer from Symbiosis Law School.Here is a description of your project.