Eligibility Criteria

Individuals or organisations (“Applicants”) must meet the following general eligibility criteria to apply for the Prize. Applicants that do not meet these criteria may be excluded from evaluation and consideration by the Prize Organisers, without notice to the Applicant in question:

  • An Applicant must fit in either of the categories i.e. Industry or Citizenship.

  • Applicants must have a dedicated team i.e., one or all of the founding team members are working on the initiative full-time.
    EXCEPTION: In the case of Applicants applying for the Idea Prize, eligibility is satisfied if at least one of the founders commits to work on the initiative full-time within 3-6 months of the application.

  • Applicants must be based in India, and having India as an important market and / or target area.

  • Applicants must have a proven model, i.e., the social, market, or commercial value has been demonstrated, even at a small scale.
    EXCEPTION: Idea-stage initiative without a proven model can apply to the Idea Prize.

  • The initiative must be at an inflection point in its lifecycle where it is poised for significant growth and impact.

  • The primary aim of an initiative applying under the Citizenship category should be to benefit society at large.

Evaluation Criteria

Prize winners will be determined by a jury of experts identified and appointed for this purpose by the Prize Organisers. The decision of the jury of experts and the Prize Organisers as to winners, entry eligibility, and other related matters, shall be final.

Applicants will be evaluated on the following criteria:

  • Whether the Applicant initiative can significantly help in the evolution of the field if it succeeds;

  • How innovative it is;

  • The scale of impact it can generate if it succeeds;

  • The calibre and commitment of the team; and

  • The sustainability of the Applicant initiative.