Agami Collaborative Transformations

Agami’s Collaborative Transformations (ACTs) are an effort to catalyze transformative innovation in areas which we believe are ripe for change. These are areas at an inflection point where a critical mass of breakthrough ideas, entrepreneurial leadership and shared intentions can create a bold new future. Where Agami launches an ACT we usually leverage the Open Innovation Challenges - proven methodologies to collaboratively develop breakthrough solutions for real problems facing business or society. While some Challenges may take the shape of a simple hackathon, most require more sophisticated team development, solution design and collaborative development. As regards the legal industry, and systems of law and justice, we foresee that most challenges will require applicants to address not just technical requirements but behavioural change, organisation design and capacity building. Here is a report on the value of Innovation Challenges prepared by Sitra, the Finnish Innovation Fund, in connection with the Ratkaisu 100 Challenge.

Agami has two live ACTS so far - one on catalyzing transformation change in dispute resolution and the other on catalyzing a data-drive future for law and justice.