Our Vision

Agami inspires and enables ideas that solve the biggest challenges in law and justice. Ideas that expand and democratize access to legal services, and help the sector in its journey towards becoming more inclusive and just. Ideas that represent the optimistic voice in a sector which has historically been insular and change averse. At Agami, we curate and catalyze such ideas that go beyond the constraints of the system and become solutions that scale to achieve impactful results. And we do this with a mindset of collaboration, abundance and transparency.  We hope that when we are done, the law and justice sector will no longer be seen as archaic, opaque and insular, but a robust, thriving eco system that provides efficient, affordable and timely access to legal resources for all. Over the course of year and a half, we have launched multiple initiatives towards achieving this such as the Agami Prize, Agami Summit, and a series of innovation challenges to trigger innovation towards big opportunities for impact - the Agami E-ADR Challenge and, more recently, the Agami Data for Justice Challenge.