2019 Summit

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A bit more about the Summit

The Agami Summit is the premier gathering of changemakers in law and justice. Changemakers from business, society and government come together in one place to share stories, ideas, and energy. At the Summit we will touch, feel and shape the future of systems of law and justice.

This year, the Summit will be bigger and bolder than before. 300+ entrepreneurs and changemakers will engage around the biggest innovation opportunities in law and justice at the beautiful Bangalore International Centre on November 29 & 30. There will be innovator showcases, dedicated tracks on themes such as dispute resolution, data-driven solutions and other fast-moving areas in law and justice, and plenty of opportunities to feel, imagine and create together. A lot of the experience this year will be co-designed with the most pioneering innovators in our network. 

There will also be not-to-be-missed talks by people whose values, mindsets and work are critical to learn from. Raj Jayadev, an Indian-origin American, who won the Macarthur Genius prize last year for his work in empowering families of incarcerated men of color to support their criminal defence, will join us for the Summit and so will seven other changemakers with stories of resilience, creativity and innovation. 

Finally, this community of innovative like-minded peers will be nourished by great food, live music and creative play spanning the two days. The Summit promises to provide peak inspiration for all of us to celebrate 2019, and make 2020 a year of transformative change.

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