2019 Panel Picker

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At the heart of Agami’s vision are the spirit and ideas of people such as yourself. A lot of the experience this year will be co-designed with pioneering innovators in our network. If you have an idea or are looking for an opportunity to host a session at the Agami Summit - applications are now open! We will invite the best 2-3 ideas.

The idea(s) may range from hosting an unconventional conversation, to innovation/exhibition/showcase demonstration, to being an interactive experience. It should be compelling, emerging, and future focused - leaving the audience inspired, with a feeling of having actively learnt something new, or that they had an opportunity to participate, imagine and create together. To best arrive at your session idea, ask yourself: what is  going to help people touch, feel, and shape the future of law and justice? The time available to host such a session is a maximum of 3 hours. 

If you are interested, fill this form by September 25.

We will offer: 

  • Inputs on your design

  • Space & onsite volunteer resources 

  • Upto 4 free passes for the hosts of the winning sessions

  • Outreach support & visibility

  • An amazing and engaged community, and 

  • A great time!